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16 Mar MSBL-MABL SoCo Managers' Meeting Notes


·        Meeting held on 16 Mar 02 at 1030 at the Sand Creek Police Station


·        Attendance

o       Present

§         Committee

·        Rick Forge't - President

·        Aric Erickson - Vice President

·        Karl Bystrom - Treasurer

·        Kevin Watson - Secretary

§         Managers

·        MABL

o       Kevin Gould - Haynes

o       Paul Mitchell - Rockies

·        MSBL

o       Charles Lawson - Angels

o       Chris Dahl - Bombers

o       Kevin Watson - Dodgers

o       Drew Matalus – Indians

o       Pete Morin - Red Sox

o       Absent

·        Committee

o       Mike Luttmann – Scheduler

·        Managers

o       MABL

§         Chris Doyle - Braves

§         Mike Roberts - Cardinals

§         Will Jackson - Diamondbacks

o       MSBL

§         Dimas Nunez - A's/Black Sox

§         Bill Park - Cardinals

§         Pete Baker - Cubs

§         Tim Hageman - Grizzlies

§         Jeff Beatty - Pirates

§         Rick Zahradnik - Rockies

§         Mike Luttmann - Twins

§         Frank Viginl - Yankees

o       For those that were unable to attend, please review the attached spreadsheet and verify your team’s manager contact information

§         Please provide me any additions and/or corrections

§         At the least, I need one valid e-mail address and one phone number for each manager

§         Feel free to provide as much information as possible so I can contact you

§         Also, I need an alternate contact (assistant manager/player representative) for each team

·        Please that person’s provide the name, phone number, and e-mail address to me via e-mail.


·        Scorebook League and Teams Websites

o       Discussed limited free functionality of website after introductory year

§         Will not provide box scores and statistics without payment

o       Decided to continue to utilize the website for standings, results, and team websites this year

o       Probably will use something else next year as the free services become more limited

§         Rick Forge’t described a program he developed which can provide similar functionalities


·        Tourney Information

o       Memorial Day tournament in Las Vegas

§         Contact Karl Bystrom for informational packets if you’re interested in putting together a team

o       4th of Jul tournament in Denver

§         More information to follow

o       Discussed:

§         Colorado Springs tournament next year

·        No decision made

§         Colorado Spring All-Star Team to play Denver All-Star Team

·        Rick Forge’t will contact Denver League


·        Teams

o       Status of MSBL teams

§         No representatives from A’s/Black Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, and Rockies

§         Decided to allow current Red Sox/former Cardinals players rejoin the Cardinals if they so choose

§         Since meeting, I have been contacted by A’s/Black Sox and Cardinals managers

o       Possibly an additional MABL team after draft


·        Divisional Structure

o       Decided at last meeting to have three divisions (Open, Competitive, and Recreational)

§         Assuming the MSBL Rockies and Yankees will have teams, division alignment is as follows:

·        Open: Braves, MABL Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Haynes, MABL Rockies

·        Competitive: A’s/Black Sox, Angels, Bombers, Dodgers, Twins

·        Recreational: MSBL Cardinals, Cubs, Grizzlies, Indians, Pirates, Red Sox, MSBL Rockies, Yankees

o       Match-ups are as follows:

§         Open teams will play themselves and Competitive teams

§         Competitive teams will play themselves, Open, and Recreational teams

§         Recreational teams will play themselves and Competitive teams

o       Number of games is as follows:

§         Open: 17

§         Competitive: 18

§         Recreational: 19

·        Teams will pay league fee based on number of games

o       Playoff format

§         Open

·        Division-only tournament

·        All five teams included in tournament

·        First-place team will have first-round bye

·        Double elimination

§         Competitive and Recreational

·        Combined division tournament

·        Top five teams from Competitive and top three teams from Recreational

·        Double elimination

§         Tournament champions will play each other (one game) for city championship

o       Season

§         Going to try and start season during the last two weeks in May

§         If possible, going to try to play eight games (four each day) each weekend

·        Start times of 9:00, 12:30, 4:00, and 7:30

o       3-hour games with a half hour between games

·        No weeknight games

o       Effort to save money and eliminate player work conflicts


·        Draft

o       7 Apr, 12:00, Wasson

o       Reviewed draft order

§         Open: Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Rockies, Braves, Haynes

·        If new team is present at draft, new team will have first pick of first round and last two picks of subsequent rounds

§         Competitive/Recreational: Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Pirates, A’s/Black Sox, Cubs, Twins, Angels, Dodgers, Grizzlies, Bombers

·        Indians will have first pick of subsequent rounds

·        If new team is present at draft, they will pick at the bottom of the order

o       Cardinals and Rockies

o       Format

§         Open division will conduct its draft first

§         Competitive/Recreational will follow Open draft

o       Each team must have one player, besides the manager, present at to help conduct the draft, i.e., shag balls, hit, pitch, etc.


·        Wood Bats

o       Discussion/decision tabled until next meeting


·        Rules Revisions

o       Discussion/decisions tabled until next meeting


·        Treasurer Report

o       Decided the Treasurer Report will be the first item of business at all future managers’ meetings

o       Karl Bystrom collected $200 deposit from each team

§         If your team was not represented at the meeting, contact Karl ASAP to coordinate payment of deposit