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League Draft Results

April 8th, 2001



Order Team Players Remarks
1 Twins  Marv Johnson (G4)
     Marcos Rivera (Y3)  
2 Cubs  Craig Yearous (Y5)
3 Pirates  none Pirates pick traded to Yankees for 3 players
4 Yankees  John Childs (G2)  
     Kevin Yroz (G3)  
     Philip Padget (Y7)  
     Dan Therriault (G6)  
5 Dodgers  none Dodgers pick traded to Indians for next year's 1st-round pick
6 Indians  Andrew Lumpe (G5)  
     Michael Georges (Y6)  
7 A's  none  
8 Angels  none  
9 Red Sox  Caleb Schmidt (Y4)  
     Andy Salamon (G7)  
10 Grizzlies  none  
11 Mets  none  


Order Team Player Remarks
1 Diamondbacks  Nick Rhamy (R9)
2 Braves  James Harris (R1)
     Robert Bailey (R2)  
3 Rockies  Greg Preston (R10)  
     Robert Barker (R4)  
     Casey Ager (R12)  
     Steve Carruth (R13)  
4 Haynes  Matthew Fernandez (R3)  
     Carl Luna (R7)  
5 Cardinals  Julian Hayes (R11)