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Minutes of League Manager's Meeting

March 15th, 2001

Issues Discussed



(if needed)

Committee Status
  1. Committee positions and tenure will be formalized for League approval. 

  2. Rick Forge't voted in as VP of MSBL. 

  3. Aric Erikson challanges for Pres. of MABL. (Vote postponed to next meeting.)

Rick approved by voice vote

Realignment/League merger

** Mangers voted to change the previous proposal.** 

Option 1: Combine leagues.

Option 2: Keep MABL distinct, but include in schedule.

 See Realignment Page for details.

Vote was 11-0 for Option 2
Age limits for MSBL ** Mangers voted to change the previous proposal.** 

Option 1: Keep age at 30+

Option 2: Reduce age to 28+

Option 3: Reduce age to 25+, and increase each year until minimum is 28+

Vote was 2-2-5 for Option 3

Requirements for a player to be  officially on a roster

Waiver, Registration, and $25 to League Secretary (or designee, if Sec. not available) at least one day prior to next game.

Transactions Page on website

Website will post all official player changes and suspensions

Pool Players

Available players/subs will be posted on website with contact info.

Defeated by vote of 5-3

Team Rosters

Official rosters will be posted on website.

Yankees, Cardinals, Rockies, Indians

Indians will be given a chance to reconstitute using available players, until March 26th. Approved unanimously

League Website: search engine submission & domain name registration

League Website submitted to major search engines.

Website name has been registered.


Set for March 31st.  Makeup on April 1st.

Season start date

Start season week of May 19th.

Memorial Day Tournament

Details will be posted on the website when finalized.

League protest/grievance committee

Managers need to devise a workable system that is outside of the League Committee.

P & R field rate hike

Prices incr. from $10 to $15/hr.


Prices incr. to $44.95/doz.

League stats and/or web sites for all teams who want one

League Secretary will provide space and a template page for any team that wants one.

Monthly Exec meetings during the season

Committee will meet each month during the season.  Managers will attend every other month throughout the year.

Fines and suspensions

Fines and/or suspensions will relate to severity of offense.

Non-profit status

Status unknown.  Researching progress of any applications.