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Minutes from the MSBL-SoCo Manager’s Meeting, held February 24th, 2002.

Agenda Items and Results:

1.   Item: MSBL/MABL Integration.  Results: MABL will have its own division, but work under the MSBL Committee.

2.   Item: MSBL Committee Elections.  Results: Rick Forge’t elected President, 8-3 over Drew Matalus (nominated in absentia).  Aric Erickson unanimously elected Vice President (and thereby, also the “MABL Rep”). Mike Luttmann unanimously elected as the new Scheduler (since Ted declined to do it again).  Kevin Watson unanimously will take Mike’s place as Secretary.  Karl Bystrom unanimously reelected Treasurer, but this will be his last year doing so.

3.   Item: Divisional structure.  Results: MSBL will have two divisions, one a “Rec” division that will NOT include MABL teams in the schedule, and a “Competitive” division that will play everyone, including the MABL teams.  Assignments are not final, but Managers were allowed to select which division they would prefer to be in.  Breakdown by team as of the end of the meeting: 

Open Division   Comp Division Rec Division
Braves A’s Cubs    
Cards Angels Grizzlies         
Diamondbacks Bombers Indians 
Haynes Dodgers Pirates 
Rockies Twins Red Sox   

Note: At the time of the meeting, we were not sure of the status of the Yankees.  The A’s team will participate, but perhaps under a new team name.  Since the meeting, we have made positive contact with the MSBL Cardinals and the Yankees.  The MABL might also add another team.  These developments may require us to reconsider division assignments.

4.   Item: Wood bat use.  Results: We will continue discussion of using wood bats (for next year, 2003) at the next meeting.

5.   Item: League policy on ejections.  Results: The current rule will stand, whereby an ejected player must sit out his team’s next game.

6.   The Draft was scheduled for 7 April.

7.   Next meeting will mainly be about the Draft.  We can also discuss any other proposed rules changes, if necessary.  Currently  scheduled for 16 March, 10:30 am, Sand Creek Police Station.

You may send additional agenda items for the Pre-Draft Meeting to Kevin Watson,