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Realignment for 2001

Realignment for the 2001 season is detailed below.  

Comments may be placed on the Discussion Board, or sent to the League Secretary.

  1. MABL Teams and Players.  MABL Teams from 2000 will be incorporated in fully into the MSBL.  MABL players who wish to return but no longer have a team will enter through the draft.

  2. Division Alignment.  (Note: If the League begins the year with 15 teams, there will be 3 divisions.  If we have 16 teams, there will be 4 divisions.)  Divisions will include one division with MABL teams and tow or three divisions with MSBL teams.  The MSBL divisions will be ranked by previous year's won-lost record.  Teams will play two games within their division and one game against all other teams.   In subsequent years, the top and bottom teams of each MSBL division will move up or down to a new division.

  3. Eligibility Changes.  Any new players entering the MSBL this year (only) must be at least 25 years old as of Dec. 31, 2001.  The age limit will be raised one year in each following year until the minimum age reaches 28.  The MABL division will remain an open division with a minimum age of 18.

  4. Draft.  The player draft for this year will be a combined draft, with MSBL teams choosing players aged 25 and up only.

  5. Rationale.  This system has been deemed necessary for three primary reasons. 

(1)  The loss of at least two MABL teams makes a separate league for them no longer viable.

(2)  To increase competition by grouping teams according to ability.

(3)  To increase the player pool available to each team, thereby strengthening the league overall.