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League Philosophy

The MSBL/MABL of Southern Colorado was formed to organize, promote, and operate a non-profit amateur baseball league for adults, age 30 and older for the MSBL and adults 18 and older for the MABL for recreational, charitable, and civic purposes.  The MSBL/MABL of Southern Colorado's mission is to become the finest adult sports organization of its kind in the Southern Colorado area.  The League philosophy is to create, sustain, and expand the community environment in which adults have the opportunity to participate in a well-organized, competitive and enjoyable baseball league.  It represents the opportunity to play hardball, rather than the alternative, softball.  In achieving this philosophy, the League emphasizes and promotes competitiveness, fairness, and recreational enjoyment.  The responsibility of sustaining this philosophy rests with the Commissioner, League Presidents, League Committee, umpires, team managers, and all member players.